AD| Bottomless Brunch at Yum-Sa in Putney, London – Review

Bottomless Brunch at Yum-Sa in Putney, London – With its opening back in 2015, and a global pandemic in between, Yum-Sa (Putney, London) is planning on ‘returning to normal’ with a bang by introducing its weekend brunch experience. We were lucky enough to be invited to their PR event: this involved their set brunch menu, including bottomless champagne and beer.


Bottomless Brunch at Yum-Sa in Putney, London


The restaurant itself presents as very young and trendy, boasting its own DJ playing house music throughout the day. This might be too much for some – we found a quieter table at the back of the venue. The waiting staff were lovely and accommodating, seemingly cheerful despite it being a stressful event for them. I would have happily chatted with them all day!

The brunch itself has multiple price points: 

  • Bottomless Champagne, £70pp
  • House Spumante, House Wine, or House Beer, £40pp
  • No beverages, £30pp

They have a nice selection of cocktails on their menu as well – if you opt for the no beverage option, I’d definitely recommend the Passion Fizz.


Bottomless Brunch at Yum-Sa in Putney, London



Being a PR event, we had the choice between all drinks, with the brunch menu being set for all guests. Brunch was 2 hours long, with the whole table participating.

The bottomless drinks we had during our brunch were:

Singha Beer

Veuve Clicquot


Bottomless Brunch at Yum-Sa in Putney, London


I’m not a beer drinker myself, but luckily the guests I brought with me enjoyed it. On this day, they were serving Singha, a Thai beer. I treated myself to their champagne, Veuve Clicquot, which was nice and refreshing. 


The starters felt like the stars of the show at Yum-Sa. All of the dishes were delicious, but the stand out dish for me was the Papaya and Corn Fritters. Watch out for those! They were crispy, full of flavour, and incredibly moreish. 

These are all small plates, so keep that in mind.


Bottomless Brunch at Yum-Sa in Putney, London


Satay Gai

Turmeric, lemongrass marinated chicken skewers

Papaya and corn fritters (v)

Crispy thai seasoned papaya and corn jewels

Chicken yum mai

Handmade with chicken, pumpkin, glass noodles, wood ear mushrooms, shallot dim sum

Por pia tod (v)

Hand rolled Thai vegetable roll

Salmon gyoza


Bottomless Brunch at Yum-Sa in Putney, London


What really stood out with me in the mains were the sea bass and the wok fried seasonal greens. I’m not normally a fan of fish, but the bass just fell apart and melted in your mouth. The greens were swimming in flavour, and I had to steal the last bite before my friends could. The curries were great, too: with varying spice levels, there will be a curry here that you will enjoy! I normally favour green curry, but the red curry was the winner for me.


The mains consisted of four shareable plates: 

Sticky tamarind rubbed chicken

Red curry steamed sea bass

Wok fried seasonal greens with shiitake mushrooms (v)

Silken tofu pad thai (v available)

These are shared with:

Red curry and tofu (v)

Green curry and vegetables (v)

Yellow curry and potatoes 

Thai jasmine rice (v)



Dessert was a scoop of coconut ice cream with caramelised banana fritters. 



We had a really great experience at Yum-Sa. The food was delicious, and the staff were especially great. If you’re a fan of Thai food – or you’re keen to try it out – their brunch is a great place to experience this fantastic cuisine.