Breakfast at a Sizzling Pub – Food Review

There are lots of Sizzling Pubs up and down the country offering pub food at good prices. We visit our local one, The Black Bull in York quite frequently as it’s close to my mum’s and she likes to go for breakfast (and lunch too!).  All the sizzling pubs have the same menu so it’s worth a read, even if you are planning to visit one in a different city.  Sizzling Pubs tend to be proper local pubs, with half of the pub dedicated to folk coming in for a drink and the other half for diners.  The decor is modern pub style with comfortable booths, fashionable lighting and cosy carpets.  They serve food all day and the style is casual and family friendly.

We usually plump for the full English  Sizzling breakfast served on a sizzling hot plate. At the very base of the plate there is a layer of potato and onion hash, which stops the other ingredients over cooking and is lovely to eat at the end! It comes with two pork sausages, two rashers of grilled bacon, two fried free-range eggs, grilled tomato, grilled flat mushroom, potato and onion hash, Heinz® baked beans and your choice of unlimited white or wholemeal toast with butter.

sizzling pub breakfast review

You can have the same breakfast, but without the sizzling plate if you would prefer!

sizzling pub breakfast review

Until recently you could help yourself to as much tea or coffee as you would like. Hopefully this will make a return down the line.

I have also tried their ‘The Works’ breakfast bap -a toasted bun with grilled pork sausages, grilled bacon and a fried free-range egg.

sizzling pub breakfast review

Which was tasty and filling and very reasonably priced. In fact the whole premise of the chain is that it is affordable. What you might call cheap and. cheerful.