What Is Google Play Pass, and Should I Subscribe?

Subscriptions everywhere, subscriptions for everything — it is the modern slogan of large companies. “Pluses,” “passes,” “premium,” and other such words are everywhere, and everyone wants to stick you on some needle. Some services are really worth the money — try to find someone who didn’t like Xbox Game Pass. But the more such subscriptions there are, the more often people simply forget what they subscribed to. This leads to the fact that most pay for a much larger number of services than they use — that’s the trick. Without subscriptions or overpayments, you can play a variety of exciting games on Game Karma.

What Is Google Play Pass?

In simple terms, Google Play Pass allows users of Android devices to access all the apps and games on the Google Play marketplace. By subscribing to Google Play Pass, the user gets access to a collection of games and applications pre-selected by the company. Essentially, Apple Arcade, except for the fact that the latter does not contain any programs.

To use the new service, you need a smartphone or tablet running Android 4.4 or higher, as well as the Google Play application 16.6.25 or later. This means that even your very old phone received support, and you did not notice. For example, Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus running Android 7.1 secretly updated the marketplace, so you don’t have to do anything special and upgrade. Just go to Google Play, find the upper right corner where your initials are, and click on the icon. A list of sections will open in front of you, and at the very bottom, right above “Settings,” Play Pass is hiding.



What Google Play Pass Includes

But the question remains: what does this thing include, and is it worth it? Many of us like to buy for the rest of our lives, but such constant “renting” is stressful. But here, the question is whether you want to try as much as possible, or you don’t need much. For example, if you like to constantly try new games, a subscription seems a logical option. And if you’ve been walking your monsters in Pokémon Go for the third year and that’s enough for you, maybe, the subscription is too much. However, even supposedly “free” games also win because, in them, all microtransactions and advertising disappear. And this is very nice.


The list of the most popular toys of the service includes Game Dev Tycoon, Terraria, Rogue Adventure, Stardew Valley, Dead Cells, and Reigns. These are all relatively inexpensive titles, but there are also more expensive ones: fans of football simulations will appreciate Football Manager 2021 Mobile, which costs almost as much as a year’s subscription. The same Sega gives out a lot of things like this — for example, classic games about Sonic the Hedgehog. But not all of Sonic is available — Sonic Runner Adventures still requires money due to the fact that Gameloft SE is the publisher, not Sega. But some recognized masterpieces like Monument Valley are available.