How Much Does a Private Chef Cost in the UK?

You can definitely consider professional chefs excellent problem solvers for any event, be it a cosy family gathering or a huge celebration like a wedding. No matter what, you don’t have to get your head around cooking, considering your guests’ interests and demands, and much more. With the help of a private chef in London, you are all set.

Despite how tempting this idea seems, a lot of customers doubt its genuine value. For those afraid of the service’s skyrocketing price, it is high time to discover how much for a private chef in practice. 

Who Is a Private Chef London?

In a nutshell, this term defines a specialist, who is responsible for preparing a menu for the target event from A to Z. The list of duties doesn’t include just cooking certain meals, from aperitifs to desserts. In addition, private chefs in London are seasoned in planning menus, organising their working space, and shopping for ingredients. Catering to the individual needs and objectives of customers, such professionals are great assistants for any party.

How Much Is a Private Chef?

You won’t pay salaries or wages to this type of employee. Their income is typically decided by the amount of time they spent preparing and serving meals for the target event. The general guideline of the cost to hire a private chef in London ranges from around £30 to £150 or above per hour. A lot depends on his expertise and reputation. Beginners will certainly get less than chefs working in Michelin Star or other renowned restaurants in the UK and around the world.

5 Factors That Influence Prices

Overall, the answer to “How much does private chef cost?” isn’t straightforward. With so many variables, the exact estimate won’t be average for each and every interested party in the UK. Given how many opportunities you have in the market, it is reasonable to take into account the most crucial price-forming parameters.

Food Style

While there are dishes that take fifteen to thirty minutes to be prepared and served, the haute cuisine menu is way more intriguing and demanding. Scallops Au Vin or Beef Bourguignon are more complicated than a bowl of vegetable salad or grilled toast. The use of best-in-class cookware, as well as high-end kitchen appliances like a vacuum sealer or dehydrator, will increase the cost of private chef services.

Type of Event

Internal corporate or charity events are on a totally different level from cosy family gatherings. The more special requirements are there for a chef to meet, the higher the price tag. The same goes for the number of guests to serve meals to.

Number of Dishes

Ensuring your guests will access a feast during your party might be heavy on your pocket. So it is better to consider this parameter in more detail to save funds on event organisation.


While there are hundreds of easy recipes to prepare and serve, the range of the opposite meals, demanding high-end execution and expertise, is second to none. The more complicated it is for a chef to tailor to the target cuisine’s requirements, the higher their price tag is likely to be. For instance, putting comfort foods aside, Chinese, French, and Japanese cuisines are quite sophisticated in terms of their ingredients and difficult to prepare and serve their meals. 

Dietary Requests

The number of people who might have special requirements for their drinks and food is only increasing. It is connected with their health conditions that cause dietary restrictions — from allergies to diabetes. On the other hand, this demand for a particular menu is also driven by people’s beliefs and personal desires. Christians choose to restrict their diet during Lent, while Muslims don’t eat pork and drink alcohol.

Why Is a Personal Chef Worth It?

Stop considering you can’t afford to hire a private chef — this isn’t Mission Impossible at all. On the contrary, this is definitely a game-changing decision for any party and event. Aside from impressive comfort and convenience, here are some more advantages to this service in London:

  • Unexpectedly for many, you don’t necessarily increase your budget by hiring a third-party chef. In reality, the experience and knowledge of experts can help you come up with the best idea, choose the right ingredients, and organise everything for a dream food and drink menu quickly, qualitatively, and affordably.
  • It is a marvellous opportunity to introduce new dishes and cuisines to your event’s audience. You can easily avoid boring patterns and serve something more enticing and mouth-watering than fish and chips or chicken tikka masala. Trying something new once in a while is obviously a made-in-heaven tactic.


All things considered, it is way simpler and more affordable to hire a professional private chef than you could ever anticipate. With the help of advanced services like Poptop, you will be able to choose from a rich gallery of portfolios and cater to your needs as precisely as possible. Stressing out because of the failure to stay within the budget and manage the event’s menu won’t be a problem anymore. Just check it out!