Slug and Lettuce Bottomless Brunch Review with Photos!

Slug and Lettuce Bottomless Brunch Review – today we tried out the bottomless brunch offering at the Slug and Lettuce.  We visited one of the York branches but they all run the same bottomless brunch menu though, so don’t worry if you are visiting a different location – same rules apply!

So, I’ll explain the deal first and then you can look at the food photos!

It’s currently £28 (do check on their website for up-to-date prices) and lasts two hours – which is great as many bottomless brunches are just an hour and a half.  As always, everyone at the table needs to be having the bottomless brunch.  You can choose one main from the brunch menu:

♡ Full English Breakfast

♡ Smashed Avocado on Toast (V)

♡ Full Vegan Breakfast (VG)

♡ Full Veggie Breakfast (V)

♡ Eggs Florentine (V)

♡ Eggs Benedict

♡ Pornstar Pancakes (V) A Slug & Lettuce fave

♡ American-style Pancakes

♡ Forest Fruit Pancakes (V)

Slug and Lettuce Brunch


Or, for an additional £3 you can upgrade your brunch to then choose from these lunch style items:


♡ Southern-fried Chicken Wrap

♡ BBQ Rump Steak Sandwich

♡ Halloumi and Avo Sandwich (V)

♡ Cheese & Bacon Beef Burger

♡ Southern-fried Chicken Burger

♡ Meat-less Burger (V)

♡ Chicken & Chorizo Tostada

♡ BBQ Jackfruit Tostada

♡ Spicy Pork & BBQ Beef Tostada


Aperol Spritz Bottomless Brunch
Aperol Spritz


As far as the drinks go, you can choose from:


♡ Prosecco by the glass

♡ Mimosas

♡ Aperol Spritz

♡ Bloody Marys

♡ Pints of Amstel

♡ Virgin Marys

♡ A selection of soft drinks


You can mix your drinks and don’t need to stick to the same drink the whole time.  But you must finish your current drink before ordering more.  Your last drink must be ordered before your two hours is up and then you will have 15 minutes after to drink up – in case they need the table back.  Oh, and for an additional £10 you can drink Pornstar Martinis.  Again the whole table needs to upgrade it can’t be just the one of you.  We didn’t choose to do this.


Slug and Lettuce Bottomless Brunch Review


So – what did we order?  We ordered the veggie full English (this also comes with veggie sausages normally but my friend does not like them and asked for them to be removed).


Slug and Lettuce Bottomless Brunch
Veggie Full English

We also ordered the Cheese and Bacon Burger (this was an extra £3).

Slug and Lettuce Bottomless Brunch york
Cheese & Bacon Beef Burger

The Southern-fried Chicken Wrap (again from the additional £3 menu):

bottomless brunch slug and lettuce
Southern-fried Chicken Wrap


And I ordered the American-style Pancakes which came with southern fried chicken, bacon and maple syrup.

Slug and Lettuce Boozy Brunch
American-style Pancakes with Bacon and Southern-Fried Chicken


We had several rounds of drinks – these were brought quickly so that we could make the most of our bottomless extravaganza!


Boozy Brunch Slug and Lettuce
Aperol Spritz, Amstel and Prosecco



Prosecco, Aperol Spritz and Mimosas
Prosecco, Aperol Spritz and Mimosas


Would I recommend it?  Oh yes – we had a ball.  The food was fine, the staff were lovely and friendly and the drinks were plentiful!  Excellent value for money and a lovely way to spend an afternoon!  Get it booked!