1. UAE

The UAE is a place where urban minimalism and oriental luxury coexist, and there is never a shortage of entertainment. Everyone should visit the Emirates at least once in their lifetime because it is a special location on the globe. Dubai is a live, interactive museum of opulence. Excellent hotel service, reasonable tour prices, and a wide range of entertainment options, including shopping in the enormous malls of Dubai, scuba diving in Fujairah, renting a Ferrari or another elite car in Abu Dhabi. And those who want to live life to the max can rent convertible cars in Dubai. Such car rental service is one of the most popular entertainments here as hiring a car is more than affordable. The availability of such premium cars for rent offers you a unique driving experience renting a luxury car Dubai every day.


2. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Phi-Phi Islands is a paradise in Thailand. Absolutely transparent, clear water, snow-white beaches, amazing landscapes with limestone cliffs overgrown with tropical trees – this is definitely worth seeing! The Phi Phi Islands are located between the mainland (Krabi) and the island of Phuket. The Phi Phi archipelago consists of two main and popular islands – Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley, as well as four tiny islands with a wide variety of hotels.



3. Egypt

This country is worth a visit at least to see the pyramids and the camel’s hump. The oldest pyramid in Egypt is over 4,5000 years old. It is difficult to imagine how people could accomplish such a feat and build it. By taking a trip to the pyramids, you will experience one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Believe me, there is no better way to go there than on a humpbacked, constantly spitting friend.

4. Santorini, Greece

Greece’s most famous island, Santorini, is revered for its breathtaking volcanic scenery, sheer cliffs, and pristine waters. The architecture of the coastal settlements, which are perched precariously on the brink of a volcanic depression and offer stunning views of the Aegean Sea, is, however, what truly amazes.

5. Machu Picchu, Peru

If you’re thinking of visiting South America, you really must visit the ruins at Machu Picchu, which have been named one of the New 7 Wonders of the World! The Inca Empire constructed this magnificent metropolis, which is encircled by misty forests and mountainous terrain, in the gorgeous Andes mountain range. The most magnificent Inca archaeological monument in South America is Machu Picchu, which was named a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage monument in 1983 and is one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide.

6. The great Wall of China

China’s landmarks gained prominence due to its magnificence, enormous size, and length. Numerous tourists flock to see the Great Wall, the eighth wonder of the world, every year. There are more than 21,000 kilometers of the Great Wall of China. On the wall itself, either within or outside, and at regular distances from one another, were built forts, mountain passes, signaling towers, and outposts. The construction of the Great Wall of China began in the third century BC. The remains of the wall can still be seen in 16 towns, provinces, and autonomous areas around the country.

7. Belgium

Get VIP admission to the Tomorrowland festival there. The largest electronic music festival, which is held yearly in Belgium, is the best place in the world to hang out. In June, wonderful people from all over the world assemble at the most distinctive show festival in the world for a memorable weekend of music. This festival will offer you feelings that you will never be able to forget thanks to the involvement of the most well-known DJs in the world.

8. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Experience the freedom of escape as you discover the Great Barrier Reef’s many treasures. Do something to release whatever tension you may be feeling in your body and mind; everything here is conducive to relaxation, especially the serene ocean waters. diving, bomb jumps from a yacht, underwater somersaults, and sunbathing. Allow your inner child to greet each day with real joy and a desire for exploration.

9. Iceland

Landing in Iceland still feels like landing in another world – the scenery is simply amazing. It’s an island of impeccable beauty: active volcanoes, glacial lagoons, intense rainbows, resplendent mist, towering mountains, and maybe even a troll or two. In Iceland, nature truly reigns. Most of the attractions are along the Golden Circle, a popular tourist route from Reykjavik. See for yourself.


10.            Petra, Jordan

The ancient city of Petra in Jordan is considered a real wonder of the world. It is carved into the rock. A huge beautiful temple is the key building of the city. The ancient city of Petra in Jordan is considered a real wonder of the world. It is carved into the rock. A huge beautiful temple is the key building of the city. In Greek, Peter means “rock”. There is nothing unusual here: the ancient city is completely made of stone. Petra is sometimes called the “pink city” because the sun’s rays falling on the walls of its buildings at sunrise and sunset cast scarlet and pink hues.

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