Girls’ night out in London: places and ideas for an unforgettable party

Girls’ Night Out in London: Places and Ideas for an Unforgettable Party

London is undoubtedly one of the most exciting cities in existence. The modern world and culture collide here to create something truly wonderful. On one corner you see a 3 hundred-year-old building and on the other, there is flowers delivery from London. With a variety of places to visit on the girl’s night out, it can be a confusing task to choose one of them. Therefore, let us do the hard work and suggest you several places that you simply must experience to get to know the more mysterious side of the nightlife of the capital of England.

The Best Places and Ideas for an Unforgettable Party in London

London at night is something you have never seen, with many interesting clubs, restaurants, and parties to visit. We obviously couldn’t describe all of them here, but some of the most unforgettable ones are…

The Invisible Dot Ltd Comedy Club

London is packed with comedy clubs, but the most famous ones are either hard to get into or overrated. The city also has many comedy shows in various theaters and halls, so it can sometimes be a matter of luck whether the comedy club you visit has interesting comedians.

Fortunately, there are places, like The Invisible Dot Ltd, that guarantee plenty of fun and entertainment most nights of the week.

It is located right by King’s Cross train station, making it extremely convenient for travelers. One review of this venue said, “If Hollywood actress Zooey Deschanel were starring in a movie about a talented but starving comedienne, she would be shown repeatedly in places like this”.

The audience is borderline sophisticated, but more in terms of a breath of fresh air than annoying entertainment, and the completely renovated warehouse building itself is simply stunning.

Lola’s Underground Casino

When it comes to the best secret spots for a night out in London, where better to start than with the mysterious Underground Casino at the historic Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square? However, before you head there, it is advisable to practice online at home so you know what to expect at this casino in London.

The Hippodrome Casino itself is a high-end gambling establishment within the West End district, and Lola’s is a special treat for those who dare to experience it in a dark ambiance and somewhat erotic setting. The casino was built around the structure of an old theater and therefore offers a unique interior design that creates an unforgettable experience for visitors.

The Underground Casino was named after the revue dancer Lola McGuire, who performed in the Hippodrome Theater from its opening in 1900 until the beginning of World War I there. Due to her mesmerizing beauty and charm, she quickly became the favorite of theatergoers. However, she mysteriously disappeared in September 1914, completely without a trace. Rumor has it that she was murdered by an angry suitor whose advances were rejected by the artist. Some even believe that she still walks the floors of this establishment today.

Experimental Cocktail Club

It wouldn’t be a classic night out without a visit to a top-notch cocktail bar. However, the Experimental Cocktail Club is not as famous as it should be. It is an important part of the West End neighborhood of Soho’s Chinatown district, and the fact that the front door to this club is barely noticeable shows that you need to have all your senses together to find and get to know this great place.

This club fully exploits its potential with its wide selection of cocktails on offer. Where else will you find drinks that include pink Himalayan salt and line aquavit? And that’s just the beginning! The creative limits of the mind are the only limitations when it comes to the wide selection of imaginative drinks offered here. The names of the cocktails, such as Stockholm Syndrome and Your Mate emphasize the versatility of the selection. If you visit this club and order a beer, you deserve to be waterboarded with absinthe and cumin. The hardest decision here will be which obscene cocktail creation to spend your money on.


  • Where is Best for a Night Out in London?

Depending on your group’s preferences, you might want to go for a comedy show, dance to some techno music in a seemingly abandoned warehouse, or simply eтощн a few beers in one of the bars. London has it all!

  • Where is the Party Scene in London?

At night the whole city seems to transform into a big party place. Wherever you will find some kind of a club or a bar. If you are looking for something different, we suggest the Experimental Cocktail Club described in this article.

  • What is the Hottest Club in London?

That would be a club called Fabric. It is located on Charterhouse Street and the entry fee is from £7.00 to £25.00.

  • Which Place is Best for Nightlife?

London, of course! At night the city is unrecognizable and anyone who has been here will tell you that you do not know London if you have not been out at night.

  • Where can I Go with a Group of Friends in London?

This is an individual thing. After all, every group of friends likes different entertainment. We suggest you give Lola’s Underground Casino a shot.