20 Mistakes You Must Avoid While Brunching in London

If you’re excited about brunching in London, there are a few norms you must maintain. Being a first-time traveler in London, you may not know or understand everything people here do or don’t while having meals.

Brunching might sound fun and a bit informal; however, you must be careful about not making those mistakes, saving yourself the shame and awkwardness.

In this article, we’ve brought up twenty mistakes you must avoid while brunching in London.

Let’s get you introduced to those in the following. 


1.                Sipping from a Teaspoon

True Londoners take their teatime manners very seriously. They use teaspoons to gently stir the tea vertically a few times and leave the spoon on the saucer. They never sip their tea from a teaspoon; it’s considered rude if someone uses it to sip their tea or coffee.

London is full of high-tea culture, and we highly recommend you get a taste of it. If your trip allows you, try to book a table for tea at Claridges, if you’re visiting London for the first time.

Remember not to sip your tea or coffee from the spoon that comes with it to your table.


2.                Attacking the Buffet in Pajamas

The sun might’ve risen earlier to your liking, but remember, the staff in the restaurant have their jobs to carry out in time. If you woke up late to a closed buffet section of the restaurant in London where you’re staying temporarily, it’s not their fault no food is left.

Also, your brunching idea shouldn’t carry you to the meal section of the hotel in your pajamas— that’s rude and inappropriate. At least wear some formal or semi-formal.


3.                Holding out the Line

You need to give others a chance to get food. Holding out the line while you’re too confused to take anything from the buffet is one of the most irritating things to do in London while brunching.

You better take notes of everything that’s served in the restaurant so you don’t need to get lost in your thoughts while others are patiently waiting behind you.


4.                Being Loud in the Restaurant

If you think you’re trying to let everyone know about your brunching adventure by raising your voice awkwardly every now and then while eating, it’s a bad idea. This is absolutely rude to disturb others while they’re trying to indulge in their lunch.

It’s your idea of brunching, not theirs; hence showing up in the mid-noon at the restaurant and ranting about the foods and stuff won’t make you look smart, nor appropriate.


5.                Making a Scene in the Restaurant 

Since you’re late at the restaurant which most brunchers do, there will naturally be a shortage of many items you desire to gobble up. But instead of making an issue about it, you can simply ask a waiter to provide what you need.

They’ll make it for you if possible or apologize if they’ve run out of the particular item. But don’t ever create a scene if you’re not getting the desired item in your meal.


6.                Sign of Return

In London, there’s a norm of reserving a seat which you want to come back to after a while. For doing so, you must put a napkin on your table before leaving to indicate you’re returning soon.

Otherwise, you’ll lose your place and finding a similarly suitable place again might be a problem.


7.                Spreading Diseases

Not only in London, but it’s also a universal rule to discipline yourself about sneezing or coughing in a crowded place, especially where people come to eat with their families, friends, coworkers, etc. Even if you’ve booked one of the best rooftop brunching places in the city, you mustn’t take the open space as a defense.

You must keep a handkerchief or napkin to block your sneezing or coughing while limiting the chances of spreading viruses throughout the sitting place and on foods. Besides, you should keep the utensils where you initially found them. This ensures proper disposal with minimum risk of catching various ailments.


8.                Abusing the Taster Menu

That’s the meanest thing you can do. Many restaurants offer a taster menu, and they have separate sections for that sometimes. While brunching, tasting different sorts of items can occur to you naturally.

However, if you take a plateful of taster items to load your belly almost half before ordering, things will look very odd. So, take small amounts of only the foods you want to try, not each and each item that’s served.


9.                Starting with Tea or Coffee

It might be okay to start your day with a nice cup of tea. That’s a regular starter for most people around the globe. But when planning a brunch in London, the food items or types need to be in their right order of serving.

You better start with something cold like cold noodles, followed by warm dishes like egg or sweet potato. Then tea or coffee can be on the card to end your delicious brunch experience.


10.          Packing Away from the Load

Ordering more than you can eat is bad manners, although no one will come to you and complain. However, overconsumption can be your choice, but wasting food isn’t sustainable for your pocket and the environment.

And if you’re thinking about packing the excess food away from the buffet— bad idea. Your brunch shouldn’t be a money-saving concept at the restaurants of London.


11.          Mouthful Talk

Filling your mouth with lots of food is appropriate, and it applies while you’re brunching. If you’re hungry, you can order as much food as you want once you finish what’s served.

But you don’t need to show it off to the other eaters in the same place by splattering food from your mouth while trying to converse.


12.          Blowing Air on Foods or Drinks

It’s not hygienic to blow air on foods or drinks, and doing it while brunching in London might look more awkward than usual.

People may perceive you as out of place if you’ve seen blowing air on your hot food or drink in a posh restaurant or cafe.


13.          Putting Accessories on Table

Keeping your belongings other than food on the table is considered unfitting. So, make sure while you’re brunching in London, you’re keeping your things inside your pocket.

Whether you’re having brunch alone or with others, keep space on the table for the food.


14.          Shoving Food with Fingers

It might look disgusting to many if you shove foods with your fingers to the spoon. You may find it helpful sometimes to get along with your food quickly, but it’s not the way to do it.

So, keep the distance between your fingers and the food items while eating.


15.          Scraping the Plate

Scraping the plate or smacking, while eating is not welcomed by Londoners. Making loud noises while chewing, or clattering with your cutleries will draw people’s attention to your table, and not in a very pleasant way. Try to eat quietly without disturbing guests at surrounding tables.


16.          Going Across the Table

When you’re planning to have brunch at a good spot in London, make sure you maintain your seating posture properly. If you lean aside or slouch on your chair most of the time during your meal, you’ll make yourself look awkward.

Also, don’t put yourself right across the table in order to get something that’s far from you. Rather, ask your partner or the waiter to get it near you.


17.          Emergency Cleaning

There will always be a chance of spilling liquids or foods on the table. However, if you encounter such situations during your brunch in London, don’t use your napkin and dip it into the water to remove stains.

Rather, ask the waiter to bring necessary stuff to clean it off.


18.          Burping out Loud

When it comes, it comes. But you don’t have to burp out loud to let others know how much you enjoyed the food or how much you’ve gobbled up.

Using a napkin or handkerchief will be a better idea to suppress the odd sound.


19.          Picking Your Teeth

Brunch might not sound like formal dining, but some rules or etiquettes remain the same in this two-in-one meal. And one of the common mistakes you can make while having brunch in London is picking your teeth to get rid of sticking food.

Or worse, your bright idea of dealing with this situation might be using a toothpick. The best thing to do is excuse yourself into the washroom while taking care of this hazard privately.


20.          Taking the Seat First

Even at brunch, you must let the lady with you sit first. Pull the chair for her and sit her with a gentle gesture.

When you guys are leaving the table at the end of the meal, rise from your seat first as a respectful gesture.


Key Takeaways

This brings us to the end of the article outlining twenty vital mistakes you should avoid while brunching in London. London is full of brunch spots. To make the most of your trip, look up places to book a table, as most places are usually filled with people, especially on weekends. Plan ahead, and have the best time of your life.