The Botanist Bottomless Brunch – Review

The bottomless brunch at The Botanist really stands out as very different from the other bottomless brunches we have tried recently.  It’s an unusual format – to make up your brunch you choose one dish from six different sections.  I’ll go into more detail about that in a moment as I have lots of great food photos to share too. 

The Botanist brunch can be a regular brunch or can be bumped up to being bottomless for an additional £15.  We visited The Botanist in York, but the same menu is available at them all. 

On a side note, the staff were lovely and friendly.  If you are visiting the York bar, then keep an eye out for ‘Magic’ Mike (not that one).  He was very welcoming and entertaining. 

Right then – to the brunch:


The Botanist Bottomless Brunch
Drinks available on the Bottomless Brunch

The brunch alone is priced at £15, so the two together come in at a very reasonable £30.  Drinks on the bottomless menu are – Spritz (Aperol, Raspberry, Blood Orange or Elderflower), Prosecco or their house pint, which was Madri.  You can choose different drinks throughout your meal and don’t need to stick to the same drinks.


Brunch at The Botanist
Raspberry Spritz, Blood Orange Spritz and Madri Lager

As always, the whole table needs to partake (up to 6 persons), and your unlimited drinks last for 90 minutes from ordering.  My favourite was the Raspberry Spritz.  It tasted like Turkish Delight in a drink!  The Blood Orange was refreshing and a little on the bitter side (if you like tonic, you will like this one).


Aperol Spritz
Aperol Spritz


Bottomless brunch The Botanist
Aperol Spritz, Elderflower Spritz and Raspberry Spritz


Ok, so onto the food – like I mentioned earlier, you choose a dish from each of six different sections.


The overall effect is pretty impressive!



Fried eggs | V
with chilli and chives

Baked shakshuka | V
with crème fraîche and flatbread

Scrambled tofu | VG
topped with toasted seeds 

Bottomless Brunch at The Botanist


Bottomless Brunch at The Botanist
Fried Eggs



Cumberland sausage wheel
and maple streaky bacon

Smoked trout and salmon pâté
with dill, capers and flatbread

Plant based smoked sausage | VG
with roasted red onions and mustard
Bottomless Brunch at The Botanist
Cumberland Sausage and Maple Streaky Bacon



Warm croissant | V
with strawberry jam

Toasted seeded bread | VG
with strawberry jam

Jalapeño cornbread | V
baked with chipotle butter


Bottomless Brunch at The Botanist
Jalapeño cornbread
Bottomless Brunch at The Botanist
Croissant and Jam



Melon and pink grapefruit | VG
with organic coconut sugar

Passion fruit and coconut chia yoghurt pot | VG

Papaya and buckwheat granola | VG
with cherry yoghurt

brunch at The Botanist
Melon and Pink Grapefruit


brunch at The Botanist
Passion fruit and coconut chia yoghurt pot


Brunch The Botanist review
Papaya and buckwheat granola



Dark chocolate and peanut butter pot | VG

Nutella French toast| V

Carrot cake overnight oats | V

Nutella French Toast



Red  | VG
blueberry, pink grapefruit, apple, beetroot and black pepper

Orange | VG
lemon, orange, tumeric and ginger

Green | VG
matcha, apple, cucumber, mint and lime


All Three Shots!


The Botanist Bottomless Brunch


Bottomless Brunch Menu at The Botanist
Bottomless Brunch Menu


The Botanist in York is very pretty:


The Botanist in York
The Botanist in York