9 Places for the Best Breakfast in Liverpool

Places for the Best Breakfast in Liverpool – they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I would agree, that it’s certainly one of them!  Whether you are looking for porridge or full English, here are the places for the best breakfast in Liverpool!


11 Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool L1 4JJ

Clockworks “offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, specialising in twisted British classics. We stick to what we do well – classic food and cocktails. Our food is often a little indulgent, but always comforting, tasty and entirely traceable. The way food should be. We make everything from scratch, use only the finest ingredients and never cut corners on quality. Our building has stood for over 200 years and it was fundamental to us to create an interior that reflected that history. With the combination of exposed red brick, steel and iron we have managed to create a comfortable and unique look back into a twisted industrial era. Open from 9am until late serving Liverpool’s growing brunch and dinner needs right through to the evening providing a cosy cocktail bar ambience.”  Breakfast options include The Diplomat (egg frittata, halloumi, red peppers, chilli jam, cucumber dressing), The Butcher (back bacon, sausages, Stornoway black pudding, potato scone, eggs your way, roast field mushrooms, grilled tomato, baked beans, farmhouse toast) or waffles.



Aintree Racecourse Retail Park, Aintree, Liverpool L9 5AY

Harvester are a family favourite chain of restaurants that also serve breakfast “Mornings were made for our unlimited breakfasts, available all week! It includes eggs, bacon, sausage (including vegan and vegetarian sausages), and so much more, all freshly cooked to order.  All of our cooked breakfasts include our unlimited Breakfast Bar, so you can enjoy our continental breakfast at no extra cost, including toast, cereals, fresh yoghurt, fruit and more.”  The unlimited breakfast includes Pork sausages, vegan sausages (VE), grilled back bacon, black pudding, flat mushroom (VE), Heinz® baked beans (V), hash browns (VE), tomato (VE), fries (VE) and scrambled, fried or poached free-range eggs (V).  You can also order waffles and pancakes.

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breakfast in liverpool


Moose Coffee

88 Federation House, Hope St, Liverpool, L1 9BW

Moose Coffee was “founded in 2006. The concept grew from a love for the great American breakfast culture and nowhere does it better than the diners & delis of New York City.Our aim is to provide an American Canadian influenced breakfast and brunch experience with an authentic short order menu. From the classic Comfort Diner on 45th St to the cosmopolitan Pershing Deli at the south end of Grand Central Station, we wanted to capture the American & Canadian attitude to the best meal of the day and sought to create an eclectic mix of comfort food inspired by our culinary experiences.”  Moose has a fabulous looking all day breakfast menu serving all sorts of amazing fare from the Might Moose (delicious homemade fresh potato hash fried on the griddle with garlic, onion and Dijon mustard. Topped with two Moose style fried eggs and three rashers of back bacon. Served with white or granary toast) to the Coney Island (Like native New Yorkers, a trip to Coney Island is a weekend treat. This is our classic Moose style boardwalk Hot Dog. A large 100% beef dog in a fresh roll on melted cheddar covered in our home cooked smoked BBQ pulled pork, slow cooked for 12 hours to a special Moose recipe. Drizzled with Cajun ketchup and topped with pico de gallo. Served with our delicious homemade fresh potato hash fried on the griddle with garlic, onion and Dijon mustard, griddled tomato and dill pickle) as well as eggs benedict, American pancakes and waffles (and lots more besides!).



Unit 38, Shopping Park, Edge Ln, Old Swan, Liverpool L13 1EW

Chiquito is a lively, family friendly Mexican chain restaurant.  They serve breakfast, available every day until noon.  Breakfast items include the Breakfast Sizzler, Breakfast Chimichanga plain tortilla, Mexican eggs benedict and the Breakfast feast.  You can build your own pancakes with toppings liken bacon, sausage, mushrooms, fried eggs, hash browns, guacamole and tomato, or sweet toppings like strawberries, banana or chocolate sauce.  They also do smoothies and cocktails!


Bella Italia

39 Ranelagh St, Liverpool L1 1JP

Bella Italia are an Italian restaurant chain that also offer a surprisingly good value cooked breakfast.  Choose from items like the Bella Breakfast (Two rashers of bacon, Cumberland pork sausage, tomato, baked beans, toasted ciabatta, with your choice of fried, scrambled or poached eggs), the Bacon and Egg Pancake Stack (Three buttermilk pancakes topped with three rashers of bacon and two fried eggs. Served with syrup), Fruity Pancake Stack (Three buttermilk pancakes topped with sliced bananas, strawberries and creamy mascarpone. Served with syrup) or the Forte Frittata (Eggs, spinach, new potatoes, red peppers, spicy ‘nduja sausage, pepperoni, and green chillies).



Queen Square, Liverpool L1 1RH

Yates serve a value breakfast until 12 noon, with options like the Full English (Two sausages, two rashers of bacon, two fried eggs, baked beans, two hash browns, mushrooms, half a grilled tomato, toast and butter), Breakfast Wrap (Flour tortilla wrap, with a burger cheese slice, filled with sausage, bacon, fried egg and hash browns)or their Even Bigger Breakfast (Four sausages, four rashers of bacon, three fried eggs, two hash browns, baked beans,two flat mushrooms, grilled tomato, two slices of toast and a portion of chips.)


Frankie and Benny’s

Unit 2, Shopping Park, Edge Ln, Old Swan, Liverpool L13 1FA, Racecourse Retail Park, Ormskirk Rd, Aintree, Liverpool L9 5AN, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Speke, Liverpool L24 1YD

Frankie and Benny’s do a bottomless breakfast from Friday to Sunday.  “Enjoy free refills on your favourite breakfast dish when you visit us before noon. So will it be the warm and fluffy pancakes, mouth-watering eggs benedict or the classic British fry up? You might have to put it to a vote!” There are some conditions on this offer though – while there is no limit on reorders, you do have to reorder the same dish each time, you can’t share and you have to finish before ordering more (fair enough!).  The offer is not valid at airport locations or Edinburgh Royal Mile High Street.  Make sure you get the offer from the website here.  You don’t need to order the unlimited breakfast though, you can order regular breakfast too like waffles, pancakes or smoked salmon.


Sizzling Pubs

The Alt Park Hotel, Northway, Maghull, Liverpool, Merseyside, L31 5JA

Sizzling Pubs do a excellent value breakfast with unlimited help-yourself tea or coffee up to 12 noon.  You can go for the Sizzling Breakfast (Two juicy pork sausages, two rashers of grilled back bacon, two fried free-range eggs, grilled tomato, grilled flat mushroom, potato and onion hash, Heinz® baked beans and your choice of unlimited white or wholemeal toast with butter. Served sizzling on a skillet, or on a plate if you prefer), or just porridge or white or brown toast.  You can also go for a bacon or sausage bap (vegetarian versions available).  Or why not go for The Works – a toasted brioche bun with grilled pork sausages and grilled back bacon and a fried free range egg.  Personally I recommend the sizzling breakfast!

Sizzling Pub Breakfast
Sizzling Breakfast from Sizzling Pubs

Toby Carvery

502 Queens Dr, Stoneycroft, Liverpool L13 0AS, 531 Aigburth Rd, Liverpool L19 9DN (and three more Toby Carvery’s in Liverpool)

Toby Carvery do a quick and easy all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.  “Whether you fancy tea and toast or want to go all out with our unlimited breakfast buffet including eggs, bacon and our famous breakfast Yorkies — here at Toby Carvery, we’ve got everything you need to give you the perfect start to your day.”  We have eaten breakfast in our local Toby Carvery lots of times.  It’s a help yourself buffet with all the usual full English goodies.  There is also a tea and coffee station and a station to make your own toast.

Breakfast at the Toby Carvery
All you can eat breakfast from the Toby Carvery



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