5 Places for the Best Brunch Vancouver

Places for the Best Brunch Vancouver – Vancouver, a bustling seaport, on the west coast in British Columbia, is among Canada’s densest and most ethnically diverse cities. It  is a popular filming location, is surrounded by magnificent mountains, and enjoys a thriving art, theatre and music scene. While enjoying exploring Vancouver you are going to want to know where you can find the best places for brunch. We are here to help. Join us as we investigate the places for the Best Brunch in Vancouver.

Catch 122

122 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Awarded ” Best Brunch of the Year” and boasting incredible reviews to support this, at Catch 122 you are promised outstanding quality food and service to match. Established in 2012 and located in a stunning renovated 100 year old building in downtown Vancouver, at Catch 122 you will find style and a warm welcome.

On the brunch menu you will find these mouth watering options.


~5 oz bulgogi hanger steak | cheese stuffed sushi arancini | sunny egg | smashed edamame | house kimchi | broccolini | teriyaki aioli | Korean spice peanuts | nori | Hannah Brook greens~


~Gochujang fried chicken | sunny egg | housemade kimchi | sesame dukkah | pickled cabbage | smoked tomato aioli | green onion | bok choy | organic greens with yuzu sesame vinaigrette~


~Grilled house-made focaccia | herbed cream cheese | cucumber | poached eggs | roasted new potatoes | Hannah Brook greens | bonito flakes | hollandaise~


~House-made herbed buttermilk biscuit | poached eggs | roasted new potatoes | Hannah Brook greens | salsa verde | hollandaise~


~Sunny eggs | bacon, sausage, pulled pork shoulder, or mushroom & broccolini (V) | potato rosti | baked beans | roasted tomato | house-made sourdough | brown sauce~ 

best brunch vancouver
Catch 22

Cafe Medina

780 Richards St. Library District, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 3A4

Since opening in 2008, Café Medina has carved out a reputation as the ultimate place to enjoy weekend-brunch in Vancouver, as well as boasting the “city’s best Belgian waffles.” Cafe Medina is stylish and unique, and promises exquisite Mediterranean inspired cuisine and exceptional atmosphere and service.  What makes it quite original is inclusion of a ” grocery store” where you can order you favorite ingredients and enjoy the at home.

They offer an impressive and extensive menu and we have selected a few of their delicious offering to mention to you below.