Some helpful ways you can add more fruit to your diet

Whether you’re frequenting a top establishment in Oxford Street or you’re cooking up a feast for friends at home, it can be easy to leave fruit off the plate and forget to factor it into your breakfast or brunch. In fact, many of us don’t eat enough fruit despite the numerous facts around the benefits of fruit consumption.

Fruit is pretty much everywhere, too. We see it scoffed down in cooking and travel shows, we’re regularly told by sports stars that certain fruits are the reason behind their success, and we’re even treated to movies about exotic fruit fanatics, such as The Fruit Hunters, and there are even fruit-themed casino games, be it Berry Berry Bonanza or Fruit Shop. Despite the prominence of fruit in the modern environment, we aren’t all eating enough to it. We humans need it, too.

So, with breakfast and brunches being the perfect opportunity to munch down on some fruit, let’s assess some helpful ways you can add fruit to your diet.


Make a fruit smoothie


First and foremost, one of the many reasons why people are slacking with their fruit consumption is due to the amount of fruit we need. Some people simply can’t eat more than a small serving a day which might not be enough. In order to combat this common problem, consider throwing all of your favorite fruits together to create the ultimate fruit smoothie. There is a balance to be had here, though, as adding too much fruit can result in a high amount of sugar being consumed, but it’s a great option overall. Some people throw in vegetables like spinach to add even more nutrition to their smoothies, too.



Ditch the fried stuff whenever you can


Sometimes adding more fruit to your diet can be achieved by the choices you make, too. For example, while the full English breakfast on the menu might appeal, don’t ignore the fruit-based dishes either. In fact, scrapping the fried stuff that isn’t actually too good for us will enable you to broaden your horizons and consume more fruit in the process. Once you open yourself up to things like fruit salads and banana on toast, then you’ll develop a taste for it in the same way you might occasionally crave a fry-up.


Let someone else do the work

While the freshness of pre-prepared fruit might put some people off, it’s a good way of eating fruit without the hassle of having to peel, cut and chop it. One of the many reasons why people don’t eat enough fruit is due to the preparation it requires. As such, purchasing fruit that has already been prepared for you is a good option. Of course, it probably isn’t as tasty as eating a recently-chopped serving of fruit, but it takes the hassle away from eating fruit. Most stores offer packaged fruit, too.


Eat fruit as a snack


Another great way to increase your fruit intake is by turning to popular fruits when in need of a snack. Instead of devouring processed products or salty snacks, opting for a piece of fruit will not only be kinder to your insides but you’ll feel a lot better for it, too. Snacks are a great way to work in extra portions of fruit into your diet, and they don’t need to be boring either. From dried mangoes to a small fruit salad, snacking on fruit is a great solution.

Also consider eating fruit bars, snacking on frozen seedless grapes, adding fruit to your salads, topping crumpets with slices of banana, and always keeping a well-stocked fruit bowl.